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Frequently asked questions by customers.

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How should tiles with special applications (e.g. gold or silver), like decorations or inserts be cleaned for the first time?

The materials used for these kinds of decorations have features that are typical of precious metals.

So take particular care when laying these tiles and even more when cleaning them. Do NOT use abrasive products that may scratch or damage the surfaces of the tile.

To clean these kinds of tiles CCI recommends using only soft cloths with warm water and alcohol.

For these reasons, no claim or complaint will be accepted if tiles have already been laid.

When cleaning these kinds of materials, use cotton cloths and alcohol or specific gold, copper or polish cleansers and NO abrasive products.

If silver decorations become oxidised, rub them gently with a cloth to restore their original shine.

What is porcelain stoneware?

“porcelain stoneware” indicates a dry-pressed, highly compact, ceramic product with high quality, technical specifications (these tiles are highly flex, graze, scratch, weather and chemical agent resistant) and have a very low porosity.

This specification indicates that in the firing phase (conducted at high temperatures of 1250-1350° C) all porosity in the tiles is closed, which allows them to be declared as completely vitrified.

What is the difference between glazed and full-bodied porcelain stoneware?

Glazed porcelain stoneware is a product with a front surface that has been further enhanced by glazing. It is a material that is particularly suited for use in residential spheres. Full-bodied porcelain stoneware, on the other hand, is a product whose surface colour is the same all the way through the tile.

This specification means that in the rare event of the tile being chipped, the damage can hardly be seen at all.

The high aesthetic value and the special features of this product means it is particularly suited for use in domestic and light commercial traffic contexts.

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